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As Spring Harmony Yoga Studio

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

I love Spring! I love seeing the tiny daffodils shoots springing forth..i adore hearing and seeing the birds coming back…the light will get longer…its full of planting seeds for possibilities and growing something new….In Spring I am Sprung..maybe its because I am a May baby…but I do, I love love love the season of Spring. As I plan my season at Harmony Yoga Studio this year I am filled with such wonder and joy…Who could have known we would move to such a beautiful, light filled new space? The word benevolent comes to mind. Benevolent means the quality of well meaning; kindness…heartedness, goodness, goodwill, compassion, generosity, unselfishness and openhandedness. What a wonderful word to ponder this Spring? How can you be filled with more goodness, more compassion, more heartedness, and more openhandedness, more benevolence? Let’s set the intention together to cultivate more goodness in our selves this Spring? When we give to our selves, when we find the time to restore, meditate, practice yoga, fill our own well then we can move thru our days with more benevolence. In the next month you will have 3 opportunities to practice Self Care at Harmony Yoga.

Restorative Yoga Workshop will be offered on Sundays March 18th and April 8th 4-6pm and on Sunday April 15th from 4-530pm we will host our first Kirtan, a musical form of narration or shared chanting. In the Bhakit Yoga tradition the mantra or chant is a word or phrase that is repeated or sung in a Kirtan. To me the profound healing happens in the silence after the chant. It is a very peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon(especially if your taxes are done by 4/15!) Check the website for more details as they arise but save the dates if you like. Classes offered this week Tues Ongoing Beginners Yoga 7pm Wed All Levels Yoga 8am & Gentle Yoga 930am Thurs All Levels Yoga 830am (no Thurs evening class this week) Sat All Levels Yoga 8am Sun RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOP 4-6pm MUST RSVP With Kindness and Gratitude, Carol On March 11, 2018 / Blog Edit

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