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Be the Witness...

So, what does it mean to be the Witness?

Swami Kripalu taught about the non judgmental witness... he said the highest spiritual practice is self observation with compassion.

How are you to yourself?

Are you kind to others and then beat yourself up for imagined inadequacies?

Can you just BE the observer, the witness, and let things pass's so hard right?

Can you just be the one who watches your thoughts and not react?

Danna Faulds Poem says it all

When I can be the witness,

all manner of miracles occur –

old wounds heal, the past

reveals itself to be released,

present dramas play themselves

out without sinking emotional

talons into my soft skin. The

witness welcomes truth and

dares to meet reality on its

own terms. It is the ground

in which the seeds of

transformation take root

and finally flower. When

the witness is awake, the

lake of mind is still, and

in that mirrored surface,

I see my own true face as

Spirit smiling back at me


Be the Witness and let it all unfold...and The Universe will deliver!

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