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Do we want to see each moment as a grievance or a miracle?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

April beginnings…Passover, Easter…hints of spring coming thru yet snow tomorrow?For me sometimes the holidays remind me of the losses…days gone by with my parents, my husband, my children, my younger self…turning 60 next month is slowly creeping up on me…As Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”…all leading up to the word RESILIENCE…our innate capacity to rebound. Even after 20 years of practicing yoga I am still learning to ride the waves…to be with the losses, acknowledge the heart as it aches, and trust that I will find my resilience…and I can CHOOSE to be in the miracle, not the grievance. Somehow just knowing that, that I have a choice makes me feel lighter…more resilient, more joyful, more trusting, more at peace with the waves. So I encourage all of you to be with where you are, take some time to ride the waves…and find your own resilience in your own time, your own way.

Offerings this week

Tues Ongoing Beginners Yoga 7-8pm

Wed Moderate Yoga 8am & GENTLE Yoga 930am

Thur Moderate Yoga 83oam & Moderate Yoga 7pm

Sat Moderate Yoga 8am

Sun RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOP WITH LIVE MUSIC…cellist…very soothing for the soul. please sign or RSVP to


Sunday April 15th KIRTAN 4-530pm with Guided Meditation

Sunday April 22nd GODDESS WORKSHOP 1-3pm

SATURDAY MAY 12th 15th ANNUAL MOTHERS DAY YOGA CLASS bring someone you love to yoga (2 for $40, save $10)

Lets find some resilience on the mat together,

Namaste and love love love,


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