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February at Harmony Yoga Studio..lots happening

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Well its almost the end of January…for me this means we are closer to Spring yet I gotta still be in the stillness that Winter offers…Winter invites us to go inside both physically and mentally and check in. We are lucky we live in the North East where we do get to experience all the seasons and go with the flow. In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian Medicine which is based on the idea of balancing the mind, body and spirit, one lives in tune with nature. Want to learn more about how to tailor your yoga to you in the moment? We will explore Yoga and Ayurveda next Sunday and really connect to what feels best to your body and how to navigate thru a yoga class with these healing principles. When we connect to the messages of the body and soul we can heal ourselves no matter what losses we have experienced and feel empowered and grateful for what is.

Sunday Feb 4th Yoga and Ayurveda 2-4pm $40

Next Restorative Yoga Workshop Feb 25th 4-6pm

Partner Yoga Class to celebrate Valentines Day Tues Feb 13th 7-8pm. Bring someone you love to yoga or find a fun partner in class (like me!)

Classes offered this week

Tues Beginners Yoga 7pm

Wed All Levels 8am & Gentle Yoga 930am

Thur All Levels 830am

Sat All Levels 745am

Sun Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop 2-4pm

Such a beautiful Restorative Yoga Workshop today…thank you all for showing up and melting into the Earth

In Yoga and Health,


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