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What are you birthing in 2022?

22 is my lucky number so I am really happy to welcome this year in! I am so excited for the Birth of so many things. Today I picked the Birth angel card and also noticed my Orchid is birthing a new baby my dear daughter Samara is due to give birth this week!!! Synchronicity right?

So my question to you is "What do you want to give birth to today?"  We know in the Law of Attraction like attracts like...if you are ever stuck in the darkness just choose your next best thought and pivot to the light! Now of course we need to acknowledge whatever we are going thru but we can't live there.. People just like plants need light and water!

AND...It's also Water Element time in Winter...can you not push the water and just let it flow? What would happen if you stopped pushing and started allowing? Even in labor you are told to push and then rest and allow the body to to it's let it flow and let it go...

Please check your emails before you come to class this week...I will go to help my daughter for  few days but not sure when that will happen....I am allowing, that's my mantra...allowing the light to guide me. Let her waters flow!!! lol

Big Light and smooth waters to you always,



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