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What's Your Best Moment?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Whats your Best Moment in your day? Can you notice it…then notice the next Best Moment? Maybe at night take a moment and feel the Gratitude for the Love that fills your heart…works for me!

SUPER GRATEFUL to TekSystems for holding their Business Bonding Moment (maybe Best Moment) at Harmony Yoga Studio on Friday! 25 25 year olds…only 5 had ever done yoga before…they were present, they tuned in, and they gained some Stress Management Tools…If you ever want Harmony Yoga to do a one hour TUNE UP just let me know…We can come to you or you can come to us!

SUPER GRATEFUL to Life Cycle Boutique Fitness Studio to have a beautiful space to practice in…On Sunday 10/15 4-5pm

YOGA DANCE BEGINS AGAIN! (We had to cancel the Yoga/Improv takers, no worries) but lets make Yoga Dance happen…If you have never done it…its amazing..We ground, we flow, we sweat, we open, we receive….dancing to great music we dance to the Five Elements Earth Water Fire Air and Space and then we will MELT with a Guided Chakra Tuning Meditation…NEWBIES ENCOURAGED! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A DANCER..just willing to explore…Please RSVP to because we need at least 5 dancers to make it…(already have 3)..and its only $20! SO either class card or bring a twenty! Be there?

SUPER GRATEFUL to Pete at Fairgate Farms for inviting Harmony Yoga to do a FREE Five Elements Class in the was a Best Moment!

Class Schedule this week:

TUES Beginners Kripalu Yoga 7-8pm

WED All Levels Kripalu Yoga 8-9am

Gentle Kripalu Yoga 930-1030am

Thurs All Levles Kripalu Yoga 830-930am

SAT All Levels Kripalu Yoga 745-845am


Save the Date


With So Much Gratitude Always,


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