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Appreciation is the Key!

Updated: Apr 8

My Meditation Teacher Davidji taught me the 4 A’s of LOVE

Attention Affection Appreciation Acceptance

Where your Attention flows your Energy goes..we know this right?

Showering everything you love with your Affection and tenderness always helps! APPRECIATING…that is the key…when we feel appreciated we feel seen and heard! Then the Acceptance happens and you feel more balanced.

Last night I watched the Sun Set….this morning I walked on that same beach and appreciated every thing…the sounds, the smells, the view, and somehow I felt better, I felt more balanced, Life feels manageable, no, LIFE IS GREAT!

My heart goes out to those in New O’leans, those who are suffering from Covid/Delta, those in the fires in Lake Tahoe/California

Sending the whole planet LOVE


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