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Rest is Medicine

How often do you wake up feeling really rested? Do you allow yourself to take a rest during the day?

One thing I recently learned and have now begun(okay it's day 2) is BEFORE I open my eyes and look at my phone to see what time it is etc, to take a moment to check in, placing my left hand on my heart and my right hand on my belly (or wherever it is soothing for you)... and ask myself "how are you?" and "what do you need right now"? Then just wait and listen to any answers that may arise. It only takes a moment but I am finding it is a way to start my day with ease.

Also make sure you give yourself "ME TIME"...put your phone on Do Not Disturb, tell your family you need a minute, and just set your timer for maybe 5 minutes and sit, lay down, stand, but check in and ask yourself "how are you doing luv? and what do you need right now?"

Taking those few moments to Rest with yourself is deeply healing. To pause, as Pema Chodron so beautifully said; "It's a transformational experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up space. By waiting, we begin to connect with fundamental restlessness as well as fundamental spaciousness" Can you just pause and rest rather than filling it up? See what happens...I know I am excited to offer this to myself as a gift during this holiday season.

with much deep gratitude,


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