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Change IS good!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

SO I am having a “first time” experience at this moment…I am writing this email from an airport…I feel so corporate LOL.

Who would think I am writing a Yoga Blog?!

I picked this Soul Journey card today CHANGE…I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement! As it said on the card ” Everybody wants life to be better, but that requires change. The status quo has an appeal, but you will never learn or grow if your circumstances stay the same. Staying within your comfort zone is overrated.

With change comes transformation, and with transformation comes evolution. (i love this)

Stop viewing change as good or bad because all change nourishes your soul. Don’t equate it with a lack of control. Life happens, and it’s supposed to happen. You can direct how it play’s out, and you always have the power to accept a change that redirects your path.”

SO YES, there is change all around us…change in the studio, to wear a mask, change in Stamford, to wear masks indoors again…and hopefully with change will come some transformation and eventually evolution with Covid/Delta… and whatever comes next.

We are still in Late Summer/Earth Element yet I can feel the change in the air, so to speak, with the school buses being back, the notebooks back on the shelves, the roads still quiet as it is still August, but the knowing that it will all change.

Earth feeds Metal/Fall so this week we are practicing a very focused Meridian Flow from the Spleen to Lungs to Large Intestine to Stomach.

I hope to see you on the mat real soon.

Ch Ch Ch Changes….it’s all good.

Blessings on your path,


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