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Clearing the weeds and Rising Up!

Updated: Apr 8

So here we are…..trying to make sure we don’t have too many weeds around our roots so we can sprout and rise up strongly and softly.

This poem by Danna Faulds from her newest book “What’s True Here” says this…


“A slow and steady flow of breath focuses awareness. As inner concentration grows, a hidden landscape flows into view.

Sensations, emotions, thoughts, and what lies beyond all these–

the source of light and energy——comes clear.

Steadiness and ease are key and so is permission to be free of rules and old beliefs.

It takes years of discipline to know what rules to break, what ritual to upend next, and when simply sitting with a

quiet breath is the best step I can take.”

May we all give ourselves PERMISSION to be human and PERMISSION to be free from the old learned ways of being and keep coming back to the present moment. NOW IS OKAY! That’s my new mantra.

See ya on the mat…free and easy


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