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Divine Feminine vs Divine Masculine

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

So what do you do if you are too amped up? And what can you do if you are needing more energy?

My answer always is BREATHE!

The right side of the body(and the left brain) is the Divine Masculine side and the left side of the body(right side of the brain) is the Divine Feminine. No matter what our gender identity, we are all a mix of both energies. It is said that the body switches from nostril to nostril based on how you are feeling in the moment. For example, before I start teaching my right nostril/body is usually more open as I am getting ready to fire up and share with all of you. Divine Masculine energy is the get things done energy, the problem solving energy, the Yang energy. Male energy is strong, fiery, action oriented, while Divine Feminine is the calming, cooling Yin energy. Feminine energy is nurturing, nourishing, like Mama Earth, Its gentle, soothing, the incubator mode with patience and wisdom. It is said that the body switches nostrils every 30 mins or so naturally to balance us. How wonderful right?! The Divine Feminine energy allows us to just BE whereas the Divine Masculine encourages us to DO!

Come to class this week to practice Nodi Shodhana, the skull cleansing breath. It is also know as the Alternate Nostril breathing. We practice this using our fingers to close off one nostril and also hands free. It is a powerful breath to increase and/or decrease energy in your body.

Hope to see you on the mat as we harmonize ourselves at Harmony Yoga!

Happy September!

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