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Friday Saturday Sunday...what comes to you?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

It’s coming to the end of Summer…I never want Summer to end…I cherish the days of hangin in the pool, doing my aqua fit and chatting it up as well as planting myself in a beach chair and sinking into a good book! Yet we must flow with the Seasons and the Elements right? There are things we can control(our responses) and things we can’t control(other people, the weather). And so it all goes right?!

Earth Element is that centered time of true balance. Then Metal comes(Fall) and the energy begins to flow downward, Water (Winter) energy is going inward as we find stillness. Wood arrives(Spring) and all things are sprouting upwards to Fire(Early Summer) and the energies are outwards and finally back to Earth(Late Summer), the time of balance and nourishment as the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini(to name a few) are bountiful and all our hard work comes to fruition.

Late Summer is a time to take vacations for many too. So today I learned this my long time Corporate Yoga student…”Fridays are June, Saturdays are July and Sundays are August”…how true right? We get pumped for Fridays(TGIF)..June, Summer beginning..We love Saturdays, July, Summer is happening…and then we get to Sundays…a bummer for some as we plan for the week ahead and think of Summer ending/August…Endings and Beginnings

What comes to you when you think of Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays?

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