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Keep checkin in...what's happening inside me? what do I want?

Celebrate the Temporary by Clyde Reid

Celebrate the temporary

Don't wait until tomorrow

Live today

Celebrate the simple things

Enjoy the butterfly

Embrace the snow

Run with the ocean

Delight in the trees

Or a single lonely flower

Go barefoot in the wet grass

Don't wait

Until all the problems are solved

Or all the bills are paid

You will wait forever

Eternity will come and go

And you

Will still be waiting

Live in the now

With all its problems and its agonies

With its joy

And its pain

Celebrate your pain

Your despair

Your anger

It means you're alive

Look closer

Breathe deeper

Stand taller

Stop grieving the past

There is joy and beauty


It is temporary

Here now and gone

So celebrate it

While you can

Celebrate the temporary

Keep checkin in...keep asking yourself what is happening inside in this moment? Observe...WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Focus your sprouting energy on what you want to cultivate this Spring....THE BLOSOM LIES IN THE SEED...and it's all temporary right? So embrace it all....the good, the bad and the ugly and ALLOW!

Namaste Sweet Ones


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