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Zen Moments...

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

It’s Autumn….the winds have shifted.

Time to enjoy the cool nights and not having to turn on the heat yet in our houses right?

This week in my house I heard a chirping….that familiar sound of the smoke detector letting you know you need a new battery…and then you have to isolate which smoke detector is detecting…I have 3 smoke detectors rather close to each…one in the Home Yoga Studio, the Guest Room and the Hallway…i thought i figured out which one it was…i took the battery out….and guess what? It was still chirping…I tried another unit nearby, up the step stool/down the step stool…i really thought i had narrowed it down…and yet it was still chirping…My smart boyfriend told me to take the battery out for at least 3o mins…it was still sounding off. I decided to listen to myself and press the Reset button….wow, loud chirp…then i replaced the battery and guess what?


Peace and Quiet!

So what’s the moral of this story?

Every moment can be a Zen Moment if you let it be.

You have to notice what is asking for your attention, pause, reset, listen to yourself and Voila! It’s a life lesson!!!

What are you learning as we transition?

I’d love to know.

Lotsa fun workshops happening at Harmony…Check it out, from Sound Healing again next Sunday to Intro to Yoga/Meditation to Painting from your Grateful heart and Tools for Mind, Body & Spirit for Autumn…I shall meet you here.



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