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Retreat Testimonials

"I loved learning about the 5 Elements and how they impact my body. WIth Carol's instruction, it was an amazing experience (my first yoga retreat), So much joy, understanding and peace was shared among participants and I walked away feeling stronger, with more tools to take on the world!"
"It was the combination of all the "ELEMENTS" of the weekend from weathering the weather to poses to learning to drumming to drawing to being with a great group of peeps and most of all a new adventure, new memories and just going with the FLOW!"
"Carol's energy, knowledge + peaceful nature make any yoga experience, whether it's a class, workshops or retreat, a delight. I couldn't recommend her and Harmony Yoga more!" 
"I participated In Harmony Yoga Fall Retreat 2023! It was filled with a beautiful sense of community, fun, laughter, spiritual connections within a cozy and warm environment,  plus the food was great too! It was pitch perfect and I loved The Guest House!"
"A beautiful, soulful, heart opening weekend with incredible leadership and people!"
"Harmony Yoga Retreat is a perfect way to rebalance your inner self and grow as a person!"
"Wonderful, restorative retreat where you can find your inner self, commune with nature and receive many monents of Grace."
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