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Celebrate the Light

Tomorrow 12/21/23 is the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere!

Yes it is the longest day of darkness but my positive attitude says Its a Return to the Light!!!!

And that makes me smile, big time!

"The most important light is the one we can not see!"....I know the light is always here on the inside, even when it seems like the darkest of times...Do you KNOW that?

What lights you up?

What dims your light?

Who dims your light?

Can you chose the light?

Surround yourself with people who light you up not dim your light...

Keep reminding yourself...we will be returning to the light, every day the light will be a little bit longer!

A little + A Little = A LOT!

Wishing you a Warm Winter Solstice and a Happy Holiday brimming with love and light Blessings


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