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Home is wherever you tune in...what do you want? May I,,?

It's almost May!!!! SO excited...

May I/we be blessed with all things good

May I/we be good to one another

May I/we all have health and happiness

May I/we remember the Best Moments

May I/we always be grateful for those we have mothered us

May I/we be peaceful and free...

What is your May wish?

May is a Big Month for ME!

Harmony says goodbye to 1100 High Ridge and moves on to various venues...check the website for all the details coming soon ..I am looking very forward to creating new homes with you! Oh and BEACH YOGA BEGINS Friday May24th 8am at Cove Islands Horseshoe Beach so get your beach stickers!

In May my fiance moves in with me...on my bday, what a great gift to find someone (again) who will share my life with me...

May i am an assistant at Kripalu again...

and May smells of possibilities and hope...

May we all let the Universe know what we need....ask for a sign...then surrender and let it all unfold

I am saying thank you in advance for May!

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