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Sangha and InSight....

We are a Sangha at Harmony...which is defined as a "community"

Enjoy this poem by my favorite Danna Faulds


Teach me what I cannot learn alone. Let us share what we know, and what we cannot fathom. Speak to me of mysteries, and let us never lie to one another.

May our fierce and tender longing fuel the fire in our souls. When we stand side by side, let us dare to focus our desire on the truth. May we be reminders, each for the other, that the path of transformation passes through the flames.

To take one step is courageous; to stay on the path day after day, choosing the unknown, and facing yet another fear, that is nothing short of grace.

Let's walk together side by side and stay on the path, choosing the unknown, facing fears...false evidence appearing real, and live life tuning IN... in to our inner knowing and our grace. Here's to trust and letting go, knowing the net will be there!!!

Namaste Dear Sangha I Bow to You


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