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Resilence Rebirth Renewal

SPRING with all her ups and downs, in's and out's IS here...the rains give way to the vibrancy, the knowing inside of each and every one of us that

Re-silence, Rebirth and Renewal IS possible.

So what are your inspirations now? The rajasic energy of the Wood Element can be very exciting and filled with so many ideas...maybe too many sometimes, and it is helpful to sit and focus, s l o w down and just receive!

Did you know there are 11 free meditations from me on the app Insight Timer? and they are FREE...just sign up and search for Carol will be familiar to you, my voice, my words, and they are all under 12 minutes

Many exciting workshops happening in the next 2 months too

~Restorative Yoga with Sound Bath Sunday

~White Buffalo Woman is Back

~Intro to Qi Gond & Meditation

All designed for your Spring come spring forth with us at Harmony Yoga

oh and sign ups are happening for our FALL Harmony Yoga RETREAT at The Guest House so don't wait to reach's already half full!!!

I am super charged to Begin Again with the spring energy....when it's balanced we feel generous and inspired...when it's out of alignment we may feel irritated, frustrated or angry.

So how are you negotiating the potent energy that's happening all around us?

Come to class and get grounded and open so you can rise up!

Big Love

Carol aka CC (my grandma name lol)

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