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Do you know what Entrainment is?

Isn't Life all about Rhythm?

Our days have a rhythm from Sunrise to Sunset.

Our breath carries its own rhythm if you can take a moment to just observe both the inhale and the exhale on their own....

We move to different rhythms...we listen to a sad song and we may feel our energy tank and similarly when we hear some bopping song we may feel a bit more bounce in our feet...

Well, Entrainment is to be in rhythm with draw in and transport something by the flow, to synchronize....

SO, when we move together, breathe together, sing, hum or chant together we are entraining and synchronizing our rhythms...and it can be very helpful if you feel stuck as well healing to yourself and those around you. There are opportunities of entrainment in the Group Process. Check out all the opportunities to entrain @harmonyoga!

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