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Hear Now

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Here Now and Hear Now…I’ve been playing with that idea today and wondering…Yes we need to be HERE NOW and it’s a great mantra…

Inhale here and Exhale now to bring us into the present moment.

It’s also Water Element time, Winter Season, where we harmonize the kidneys and the bladder and also spend time focusing our attention inwards so we can be here now and rest, deeply. As we deeply rest, we can listen deeply to our hearts.

Every element feeds the next element and is called the parent to that element, (Water feeds Wood as the snow melts and feeds the trees, Wood feeds Fire, that makes sense right? and Fire feeds Earth as the ash from fire compresses back to the Earth) whereas 2 elements back in the 5 elements paradigm is called the grandparent, the controller of that element.(so Water controls Fire and Earth controls Water like the riverbank that contains the water so it doesn’t spill over etc)

The breath going thru us is a lifelong rhythm that we can use to be here now and to hear now.

As Prem Rawat writes in How to find Peace in a Noisy world HEAR YOURSELF, “Every breath that moves through us is a blessing, coming in and going out. When a new baby is born how comforting is it for a new mother to hear their baby breathing. How comforting that the rhythm of their infant’s breath is whispering again and again: All is well, all is well, all is well.”

He goes on to write, ” when the outside world pushes you to your limits, know that you can always connect with something unchangeable and sustaining within. When you have been wearied by the battles of life, know that you can rest within. When we need to, we can head away from the noise and into that nourishing feeling of inner peace.” We can HEAR NOW!

Inhale HEAR and deeply listen

Exhale NOW and BE HERE NOW!

Watching my first grandson breathe is a lifelong rhythm I want to remember forever. The peace that a baby feels, with no understanding of worries, fears, anger, sadness or anxiety, is a deep deep peace. We are born with that peace. We CAN tap into that deep peace and listen deeply as we meditate with the mantra Inhale Hear and Exhale Now. Try it?!


CC (my grandmama name lol)

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