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Here's to Rebirth

I am writing in Green...the color of the Heart Chakra as well as the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine!

Spring is a time of rebirth, when those daffodils have the energy to push thru the soil and make their debut...and we all have that same energy inside of us.

As we know, we are not just in Nature, Nature is in us too!

I have said many times, we live in houses with windows for a reason....we NEED the sunlight, the water, the energy for our survival. We breathe it all in and we breathe it all out, everyday, in every moment...We co exist together, we find rebirth together. We Rise Up together!!!

So my word this week at Harmony Yoga has been acceptance....acceptance of this wacky weather, one day sunny, one day cold and rainy and we just keep swimming.

Take a moment and pause.

Place your left hand on your heart, right hand on your belly and feel the body breathing you...

Can you visualize something, someone, someplace you need to find acceptance about?

Can you create space around that in your heart?

Can you breathe in the green light of spring from your feet to crown and feel yourself rise up?

Can you open up to possibilities not expectations?

Set your intention with that I am affirmation...I Am....what shows up?

Just breathe in ACCEPTANCE of all that is.

Happy Spring!

(Read this beautiful poem if you wish and know there are lotsa opportunities at Harmony in the next few weeks to find some REBIRTH so check out the website offerings!)

I Breathe This Moment

by Danna Faulds

I breathe in acceptance

and breathe out fear,

making space for all

of me to be here

without judgment.

I breathe in love for

the hidden, dark,

and quaking places.

I breathe ease into

tightness and light

into the shadowy,

walled-off rooms of

the psyche where

doors were tightly

closed for so long,

and windows shuttered.

I breathe in divine

presence and let go

of any obstacles I can.

I breathe this moment

deep into the center

of my being and breathe

out everything that

isn’t now. I breathe in

power, strength, courage,

and the willingness

to say yes to life,

not as I wish it to be,

but as it is, resplendent

in its silent generosity.

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