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Home inside yourself no matter what right?

I am just back from a few days at Kripalu and feeling very tuned up and tuned in!

I was an assistant for my dear teacher Jillian Pransky offering Reiki and assistance as needed to 74 people and it was soooo ahmazing!

I will be honest, the first few times I assisted I was having FOMO and struggled a bit with not being IN the practice. But this time, I was so cued up to just purely give it out...and WOWSA, when your intention is pure it is incredible.

My hands and heart are so tuned up for Trevor Hall sings..."my love is just a reminder, find your center".

So what is your center this May?

Our Center, Our Home will be changing on Saturday June 1st yet remember you take yourself with you wherever you go right?

Keep tuning into the website for details and take a look below for more info too

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are with my tuned up hands and heart.

Big Love,


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