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On being grateful and appreciating...

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Do you sense a difference between appreciation and gratitude?

I know they are both necessary practices to keep your heart and head in alignment.

But is there a difference?

Gratitude is when you feel thankful for something, appreciation is when you show that gratitude. Gratitude is the emotion, appreciation is the action. … Appreciation is a practical way of saying you are thankful. Finding gratitude goes much deeper.”

So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you take your yoga off the mat? Did you show your appreciation with an act/s of loving kindness? Do you feel grateful in this moment? Can we all keep the thanks giving practices going? What do you want to give out for the next 6 weeks? Set an Intention…I AM________ and see if you can dedicate yourself to that till next year. AND if you need a reboot come to LETTING IN AND LETTING OUT HARMONY YOGA WORKSHOP FRIDAY 12/31/21 9-1030am!

“When there is Discipline there is Strength

When there is Strength there is Freedom

When there is Freedom there is Peace

When there is Peace there is Joy” anonymous

SO….DISCIPLINE LEADS TO JOY right? Can we stay focused and disciplined in acts of kindness and feeling grateful?

Let’s try it for the next 6 weeks….maybe we can make this feeling of thankfulness last…where our attention goes, our energy flows….

Big grateful hugs to all






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