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Updated: Apr 8, 2023

This was a saying my Mom repeated often…”This too shall pass Carol” Today it is 11 years since she passed…Many of you have heard me imitate her lovingly….she was quite a character, with the biggest heart. Today that expression means so much more to me. Did you know Abraham Lincoln used those words as he became our 16th President? It’s also from the Bible..”this parable is a great mantra that teaches us the power of impermanence. The essential idea is that no matter what you are currently going through in life, it’s ultimately temporary and will change. All of our experiences are temporary.” George Harrison said “all things must pass” I agree…things MUST and WILL pass…if we A L L O W them to. When we are gripping too much, when we hold on too tightly, we don’t allow things to pass…and they must, and they will. Let it flow…Let Life Flow…Let things pass…Don’t hold too tightly. It’s all temporary…like Summer time. Breathe it all in and Breathe it all out. Look for EXCITING HAPPENINGS AT HARMONY…they too will pass. Namaste, Carol

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