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What do you embody?

Do you know the word embodiment?

What does it mean to you?

This week I was asking our sweet Sangha (yoga community) what embodiement means and many of you said 'Embrace" which i love...

And yes, what do you want to manifest/embody as we end 2023?

What do you want to continue to embrace and what will you let slip away?

I was sharing in class that the breath is the embodiment of Spirit...the breath, as we know, is the metronome of's the first thing that happens and it's the last...SO, again, ask yourself, what do you value? what gives you joy? how can you be the best version of yourself and share her/him with the world...what do you want to embody for the rest of the year?


Our mat is our little experiental field to observe, to notice without judgement of your self (oh so hard) how you are navigating your world?

I always come back to these questions about your actions off the mat so before you speak ask yourself...

Is it Kind?

Is it Truthful?

Is it Necessary?

Does it Improve on the Silence?

AHIMSA is the first principle of the Yogic Teachings....Ahimsa means Non yourself and to one more time check in to notice what you are embodying this Holiday Season....

Can you look yourself in the mirror and smile?

What are you embodying? What are you embracing?

Happy Happy Holidays Dear Ones

Only love,


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