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Ballet School and Harmony Yoga Join Forces

The Ballet School of Stamford has a new tenant. Carol Shwidock of Harmony Yoga moved her studio from Union Street this August to lease space with the school in Stamford’s Old Town Hall. And both parties say its a great match.

Shwidock is a one woman show, teaching a variety of yoga classes for all levels, from restorative yoga, to corporate yoga, to one on one lessons. She says the crossover with the Ballet School is a benefit to everyone, with staff learning from each other, sharing energies, and bringing more options to the community in one central location.

Both organizations continue to grow, with more new and exciting things on the way. The Ballet School will continue to expand its adult program, offering new “Mommy and Me” classes; and Shwidock will begin teaching a “Lost and Found” class for those who have suffered loss.

The Ballet School has several performances and events coming up including its annual Chefs on Pointe Fundraiser.

For more information about the Ballet School, visit

To find out more about Harmony Yoga, visit

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