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Ted Lasso is a Yogi in my mind!

I just finished Season 3 of Ted Lasso...actually, I binged all 3 Seasons in the past 2 weeks, lotsa time on the Tread Mill, watching and laughing for sure! Have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend the show.

AND...if you have seen Ted Lasso, What is one thing you learned?

Surely the word BELIEVE!

I realized that this show came out during Covid and how it was a truly a "feel good" in a time of great distress.

Worthy lessons that won't ruin it for you at all...

~Believe in yourself

~Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing (listen to your North Star, your moral compass)

~All people are different people...(and we need to find acceptance for the differences and realize a diverse team is a strong team!)

~See the good in others (always)

~Courage is about being willing to try (when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?)

~Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness (open communication to create a safe space is essential)

~Tell the Truth (duh? also one of The Four Agreements)

~Winning is an attitude (Success is not only about the outcome right? it's the mindset and the journey)

~Optimists do more (how can you look at something from a different perspective?)

~Be a Goldfish! (don't dwell on mistakes, gold fish have a 10 second memory, be in the re-silence)

Take these Ted Lasso Lessons and share them with yourself both on the mat and off the mat

B E L I E V E!!!!

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