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The mind asks the questions and the heart knows the answers...

"Each day there are many changeable things that demand our attention---one moment they're making us happy, the next they're bringing problems----but inner peace is unchangeable. Peace is the clarity in us. Peace is the understanding in us. Peace is the serenity in us. Peace is the kindness in us. Peace is the gentleness in us. Peace is the light in us. Peace is the joy in us. Peace is the gratitude in us. Peace is the beauty in us. Peace is the coming and the going of this breath in us. Peace is the divine in us. Peace is all this and more. Peace brings everything that is good together in one heartfelt, timeless experience of who we truly are."

The above words were written by my dear sisters teacher of 50 years, Prem Rawat, from his new book Hear Yourself..How to find peace in a noisy world! It's an easy read that is informative and helpful. He says "Peace is beautifully contagious"...I love this!

Wishing you Peace, Deep Peace,

Shanti Shanti Shanti (which means peace)


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